Palmetto Trimming

When was the last time you pruned your palmettos? To prevent vines and weeds from taking over, having them trimmed is a must to make sure they look their very best. Besides improving their appearance, pruning dead fronds and vines prevents insects and other pests from infesting your grounds. This will also help with new growth. Allow us to trim your palmettos before the majority of homeowners return for the season.

Grass Trimming

Ornamental grasses are a staple in south Florida landscaping. They provide a lovely change in texture and often produce pleasing blooms. But these grasses need some love every one to three years. In nature, natural wildfires help burn away the dead sections of grass. This burning process allows for healthy new grass to grow back, and can extend a plant’s longevity. When we come in and trim grasses, we are mimicking the burn process. We use a cone styled cut, allowing the new growth to have the support in the center, but freedom of movement on the sides.

Trimming services are provided in daily increments, based on an 8 man labor crew, one foreman, one utility vehicle, and all the required tools and supplies needed to get the job done. We recommend trimming be done on club closure dates, which allows us to get your club cleaned up faster. On an average closure day, we can have up to 2.5 acres trimmed in one day with one crew.