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Rotational Plants

Rotational Plants: This database contains our favorite shorter rotation plants. These are great for use in high traffic areas as an additional 3rd rotation to bring an extra pop of color interest.

Interesting Facts

  • Dahlias were originally grown as a food crop for their edible tubers. They are described as tasting like a cross between a carrot, celery, and a potato.
  • The zinnia was named after the German botanist, Johann Gottfried Zinn, who wrote the first description of the flower.
  • The name Pansy comes from the French word, pensee, which means ‘thought’ or ‘remembrance’.
  • Celosia

  • Chrysanthemums

  • Cleome

  • Color Bowls

  • Dahlia

  • Dianthus

  • Dwarf Hibiscus

  • Gerbera Daisy

  • Hanging Baskets

  • Heliconia Choconiana

  • Hydrangea

  • Kalanchoe

  • Pansy

  • Poinsettia

  • Staghorn Fern Globes

  • Violas

  • Zinnia