About Us

At Club Care, Inc. we specialize in the installation of annual flowers to over 90 golf courses throughout Florida. In addition to that, we cover small scale landscape projects, invasive exotic removal, cordgrass trimming and palmetto trimming.

Products/Services we provide:

  • Mapping of your annual beds with square footages & light conditions
  • Helping make smart plant decisions for each bed Contract growing and/or sourcing the product from local nurseries
  • Bed Preparation: Removal, Rotor Tilling, Soil Amendment (Tu-Co Peat)
  • Flower Installation: Includes 2 Granular Fungicides & 2 Granular Fertilizers (Osmocote Triple 14 & Milorganite)
  • Cataloging your beds seasonally with pictures

Why should a customer choose our company?

Established and Founded in 1989 We specialize in annual flower installation Licensed and Bonded, Insured Accounts and relationships with multiple suppliers Currently service over 90 country clubs and golf courses statewide We are able to make our service affordable for all budgets

What geographical regions do we serve?

We are based out of the Ft. Myers/Naples area but have recently broadened our scope to reach other areas of the state to include: Boca Raton, West Palm, Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota, Miami, Jacksonville and Amelia Island.

What certifications and/or affiliations do we want our customers to know about?

Active in the following organizations: FTGA (Florida Turf & Grass Association), EGCSA (Everglades Golf Course Superintendents Association), CGCSA (Calusa Golf Course Superintendents Association), SGCSA (Suncoast Golf Course Superintendents Association), TCGCSA (Treasure Coast Golf Course Superintendents Association), FNGLA (Florida Nursery, Growers, and Landscapers Association)

What else would we like our customers to know?

With an extensive history in the golf course industry we are “golf course friendly and etiquette knowledgeable.” You will not have to babysit our crews, we will not interrupt play and your playing surfaces will not be damaged in the process of completing your project.